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Evil Stepmom


Please contact Evil Stepmom at with your questions or ideas about stepfamily living with 17-30 year olds.


Evil Stepmom Asks Readers
How do you make stepfamily holidays work?

The holidays are stressful for most people. When a family adds stepmembers, everything gets  more complex, and potentially more stressful. How do you and your stepfamily manage the holidays? Evil Stepmom is looking for advice, tips, or creative solutions you and your stepfamily have developed that could be useful to other stepfamilies with young adult members. Here are a few questions to get you thinking:

 Describe a new, unique tradition that has developed in your stepfamily.

 How have your holidays changed during your years with young adult stepchildren?

 What if the kids are married and need to see multiple in-laws?

 How do your young adult stepchildren manage the time-with-mom/time-with-dad struggle at the holidays?

 What to do if the kids live far away?

Please write in and share your ideas; we'll share as many as possible.

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