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Evil Stepmom


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Evil Stepmom Asks Readers
How Are You Managing the Launch?
Launching young adult stepchildren is a long and gradual process. Evil Stepmom wants to know how you and your spouse are handling the inevitable challenges of helping his children move toward full independence.

Whether they're off to college or the military, marriage or the ministry, we want to hear your stories. Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us.
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These Hard Times
The recent economic downturn is hitting young adults hard. Because we care, we suffer when they suffer.

Just when our youngest family members are working to launch their own lives, they face fewer jobs, higher costs of living and education, and enormous economic uncertainty. And, as much as we'd like to help, we face our own uncertainty--many of us are losing jobs, struggling to meet our commitments, and seeing our retirement savings evaporate.

When a young adult stepchild stalls, it can be difficult for parents and stepparents to know what to do and how to lend a hand.

Evil Stepmom would like to hear about the challenges you and your stepfamily are facing, how you're coping, and what you're thinking about your situation.

As always, your identity will be protected for your privacy and the privacy of your family.
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Stepchildren's Weddings
ESM wants to know about your stepchildren's weddings--how did they go for you? What were the rough spots? How did you handle them? Share your challenges and successes with other readers.
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Hot Topics in YOUR Marriage
Evil Stepmom wants to know what the recurrent issues are in your marriage.
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Talking About Money
ESM wants to know how you and your mate handle money matters with young adult children who still have financial needs and dependencies on their parents.
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How do you make stepfamily holidays work?
Evil Stepmom is looking for tips, advice, and success stories for handling Holiday joy and chaos in stepfamilies with young adults.
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